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World Detective Mystery Episode.Tokyo -The ENIGMA and the Secret Treasure-



※消費税、送料込みのお値段です。 ※こちらは全て英語で書かれたキットとなります。日本語版をご希望の方は【世界旅行探偵シリーズ 東京編 -エリカの手紙と謎の暗号-】のご購入をお願いします。 ▼この商品に関するツイートはこちら▼ https://r.nazoxnazo.com/ue0lj https://r.nazoxnazo.com/ve293 トレイラー動画:https://youtu.be/ign_zSLexag It is an escape game full of scenes in Tokyo allowing players to enjoy virtual sightseeing of the Japanese capital. A player with the role of a detective will search throughout Tokyo to solve a mystery at a Tokyo girl’s request. Well-known tourist attractions in Tokyo appear in the game and these scenes have keys to solving the mystery. The video is made from the perspective of players, allowing them to virtually stroll in Tokyo with the heroine. Players will receive a “mysterious letter” after buying the game. Players are supposed to play the game while using a card and notes enclosed in the letter. A video of various places in Tokyo can be viewed on a website listed in the letter to solve the mystery. The company hopes people who have refrained from outings due to the COVID-19 crisis and lost opportunities to travel in Japan or overseas will enjoy the game. <Story> "Hello, detective. I have a request for you." The letter you received from Japan, started like this. The letter was written by a girl named Erika. Deciphering the code which her father left for her, was the request made for you. While you unlock the code, Erika will travel all around Tokyo city, of course with you, through the internet. What is the hidden treasure, and why did her father leave the codes behind for her? Why Tokyo city? ...This story is about you and Erika, and her mysterious secret letter.